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Auto Related Accidents | Lansing Auto Related Accidents Attorney

Auto Accident Attorney Attorneys In Lansing, MI

Auto related accidents are a common occurrence injuring or killing thousands of people every year.

In Lansing, Michigan we deal with extreme weather conditions; you are probably familiar with the saying, “if you don’t like the weather here then wait 5 minutes for it to change”.

To avoid auto related accidents, we have to watch out for other drivers and even deer.

If you have suffered an injury or lost income due to another individual’s carelessness please contact Lansing auto related accidents attorney, Mark Kamar.

If another driver was negligent while operating their vehicle and your life has been physically changed or impaired as a result, then there is nothing wrong with pursuing fair compensation or reimbursement for your expenses from an auto related accident. Michigan has even created an anti-texting law that prohibits the reading or sending of phone text messages while operating a vehicle. If someone violates this or other safe driving laws and you have become the victim to a reckless or distracted driver, seek legal representation to help you recover your auto related accident losses.

What steps should I take after an auto related accident?

Obviously the most important detail to address immediately following an auto related accident is to see that any injury related medical needs for you or your passengers are met. Be certain that you relay any information or medical related concerns to the physician caring for you, even if the injury seems insignificant. In Michigan, victims of auto related accident must have suffered an impairment or diminished capacity to your normal daily functions. Therefore, a documented and detailed record of your auto related accident injuries can be critical towards receiving any compensation.

In Michigan, you have one year to apply for and receive no-fault insurance benefits for personal injury. Those benefits can compensate you for additional medical related expenses or provide reimbursement towards lost wages. Additionally, there may be up to a three year window to file a lawsuit for an auto related accident physical impairment. This timeline can vary due to insurance specific notice provisions.

Kamar Law has over 30 years of specialized expertise in auto related accidents. If you are trying to cover the accident related medical expenses and get back on your feet, you do not have to go it alone. We are here to help you file a claim or lawsuit against those who are liable. If you have suffered injuries due to an auto related accident, please contact us immediately, we are here to help you in your recovery.