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Family law can involve an array of family related struggles or household disputes.

Family law issues can be unnerving for all parties involved.

Let Family Law Attorney, Mark Kamar help you resolve your family law challenges.

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The rate of marriage failures in the United States is dismal, with approximately half of all marriages ending in divorce. If at first you don’t succeed and you elect to marry for a second time your chance of divorce increases to roughly 65%. Third marriage divorce catastrophes increase to something like 75%. Whether you are experiencing divorce for the first time or fourth, it is crucial to have experienced legal representation. Kamar Law has been providing family law representation to Lansing area residents for nearly three decades. To learn more about this topic, click on Lansing divorce attorney.

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Child Custody

Are you considering a divorce and have questions about your rights as a parent as they pertain to child custody? In Michigan, the preferred child custody arrangement is shared parental custody if it meets the best interest of the child or children. If sole physical child custody is awarded to one parent, it may be a result of a negotiated agreement or if the non-custodial parent poses a risk to the child.

Another form of child custody is legal custody and it can pertain to decisions surrounding a child’s school selection, health and even religious choices. If both parents are actively involved in raising their child, but one parent has primary physical custody than joint legal child custody may be granted. Lansing child custody attorney, Mark Kamar, will help to protect your rights to child custody during and after divorce.

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Parenting Time

For couples dealing with divorce, the conclusion of the marriage does not represent an end to parenting time with your children. If you are not seeking or awarded child custody, or you are granting primary care giving duties to your estranged spouse, your legal team at Kamar Law will want to ensure you receive liberal parenting time or visitation with your children.

One of the most difficult matters to resolve in divorce cases, where children are involved, is the child custody and parenting time quandary since we love our children and want to spend ample time with them. Emotions run high, but Attorney Mark Kamar will guide and reassure you during this thorny step of the process.

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Child Support

As financial strife and struggle can often be the catalyst to marital demise, child support settlement can extend this stress. It is important to maintain and consider your child’s best interest and general welfare. The State of Michigan sets guidelines for determining monthly child support which factors income, health insurance, work related daycare and additional child associated expenses incurred by you and your former spouse. We will make certain that the child support settlement is just and that you understand the process and consequences.

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A guardianship is granted by the courts and often occurs when parents are neglecting a child’s basic necessities like: shelter, food, medical care and education. Parents can also lose custody of their children due to abuse or by exposing their children to risk associated with illegal activities and addictions. If you are seeking guardianship, or if you are a parent trying to regain your child’s custody, please contact us to schedule a legal consultation.

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Paternity is the legal finding of a child's biological father when the parents are not married. Once paternity is recognized, the child now receives the same right to monetary support as a child born to married parents. The paternity of a child can be established by means of a court hearing or by voluntary acknowledgment of the presumed father by signing an Affidavit of Parentage form.

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In Michigan, a divorce can result in spousal support or alimony for a specified period of time. The courts will try to deem what is reasonable or fair and considers several factors in determining if alimony is to be granted.

  • Length of the Marriage
  • Capability of the spouse to work
  • Ability to pay
  • Conduct and character of both spouses

If alimony is awarded the amount is supposed to factor supporting basic needs, like shelter and food of the spouse requiring support.

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Grandparent Rights

Grandparent rights pertain to the visitation of their grandchildren. If you have grandchildren that you have not been able to contact or visit with due to divorce, separation, or other factors, the Michigan Courts may grant you time you’re your grandchild if it is in the best interest of the child. The courts must consider your prior relationship with your grandchild and your personal overall moral and mental well being. The courts may deny grandparent rights if the child’s parents file affidavits opposing grandparent time. If you have been denied access to your grandchildren, contact our office today to learn more about your grandparent rights.

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Personal Protection Orders

A personal protection order, also known as a PPO, is an order issued by the Michigan Circuit Court. Personal protection orders are designed to protect you if threatened by physical harm or abuse from another person. Personal protection orders can keep an unwanted person away from your work, your home and your children. They can also restrict the ability of such a person from purchasing firearms. If you feel threatened and are looking for protection, please contact us for information on personal protection orders here.

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Pre Nuptial Agreements

If you are about to get married and are concerned about the possibility of divorce, especially if this is not your first marriage, you may want to consider creating a pre nuptial agreement. A pre nuptial agreement is a contract between two people that defines how personal assets will be distributed in the event of divorce or death. Pre nuptial agreements can create some tension with your fiancé but are a useful legal tool, especially if you own a business, are expecting a large inheritance or if one of you is significantly wealthier than the other.

Remember, you don’t have to fight your family law case alone. Let the Kamar Law help you understand your rights today. Contact us today at 517-482-8835. Let our 30 years experience as a family law attorney help you.

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