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The rate of marriage failures in the United States is dismal, with approximately half of all marriages ending in divorce. If at first you don’t succeed and you elect to marry for a second time your chance of divorce increases to roughly 65%. Third marriage divorce catastrophes increase to something like 75%. Whether you are experiencing divorce for the first time or fourth, it is crucial to have an experienced Lansing divorce attorney representing you.

Kamar Law has been providing family law representation to Lansing area residents for nearly three decades. As a dedicated and respected family law attorney, Mark Kamar strives to be a knowledgeable, compassionate resource for men and women facing divorce in Michigan.

The First Steps of Divorce

At the onset of your divorce, our attorney, Mark Kamar, will meet with you to review the situations specific to your case. We will ensure that your legal rights are protected and that a fair settlement is attained. Unfortunately, divorce not only affects you but it can also negatively impact your children and other close family members.

Our duty is to see that your financial settlement, alimony or child custody concerns are specifically and clearly addressed. If children are part of the fallout to this marital termination, we will strive for the optimal custody solution with your children’s best interest and well being at heart.

Once a legal plan has been established, there are two ways for divorce actions to proceed. You can file the summons, complaint and responsive motion or your spouse can file for the divorce. If your spouse has already filed, you will want to seek legal advice immediately.

Negotiations and Settlement

A divorce is considered contested if either spouse does not agree with the settlement terms or the divorce itself. Unless your spouse defaults and does not respond to your filed complaint, we will want to reach an agreement with all terms of settlement from property and asset division to child custody. Although it is usually possible to reach an amicable settlement through negotiation, your case may need to be resolved in court.

Our skillful legal representation can help to ensure that your Michigan divorce hearing is settled peaceably and fairly. When you are coping with the breakdown of your marriage, regardless of fault or cause, it can be difficult to focus on the best choices. If you want an attorney who will listen closely to your side of the story, be honest and direct about your options and the best path for you to take, Mark Kamar is the divorce attorney for you. If you have questions and concerns regarding divorce, alimony or child custody and support, please contact us to schedule your personal divorce consultation here.