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Dog Bite Attorney In Lansing, MI

Though dogs are “man’s best friend”, if you have ever experienced a dog bite you know that it can be a very distressing experience. A startled dog can attack you without notice. There are videos streaming today of children and even a news anchor with facial injuries from dog bites. Serious personal injury resulting from a dog bite may be visible but it can also leave an invisible psychological fear of dogs which are generally loved household pets. If a dog bites you and you are pursuing legal damages, contact Lansing dog bites attorney, Kamar Law.

Michigan’s dog bite statute states that if the owner of a dog, without provocation, bites a person then the owner is liable for any damages suffered by the dog bite victim. The law holds true while the injured party is on public land or legally on private property. The dog owner is responsible regardless of the prior viciousness of the dog or whether the owner knew of that viciousness.

Steps you should take after a dog bites you

Certainly the most important step after a dog bite is to seek medical attention for your injuries and to prevent an infection from developing and spreading through your body. Secondly, the dog bite should be reported to your local Sherriff Department or Animal Control Unit. You will want to document the event with a physicians report and photographs of the affect area and where and when the dog bite occurred.

Professional legal representation from our dog bite attorney, Mark Kamar, can help you recover medical expenses, lost wages and pain and suffering. It can be a dog-eat-dog world; let us guard your legal interests, because other people will be watching out for theirs. We are here to serve you, contact our office today for superior legal dog bite representation.