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Probate Attorney Lansing, MI

Probate Services address legal complexities that can also be extremely sensitive due to the potential for disagreement between family members.

Lansing probate services attorneyMark Kamar brings you the experience and knowledge necessary to resolve disputes through 30 years of negotiation know-how. Kamar Law has the expertise to settle your probate services by trial if necessary.

What are Probate Services?

Probate Estates

Probate courts in the State of Michigan settle the estates of deceased residents.  Our probate estates services provide the guidance to lead you and your surviving family members through the intricate legal system.  Probate Services involve identifying and listing the personal owned property of the deceased and then seeing that the property is distributed in accordance to the instructions stated in the will.

Probate services also include a review of the debts to see that all appropriate creditors and taxes are paid.  A will does simplify the process of settlement but it still requires that the assets pass through the probate court.  The process is generally overseen by an executor, if there is a will, or by a court selected representative if your family member dies without a will, also known asintestate.


guardianship is a legal right given to a person to be responsible for the food, health care, housing, and other necessities of a person deemed fully or partially incapable of managing these self preserving provisions.

Under most conditions when a person requires a legal guardian, the person's incapacity will likely impair his or her own ability to manage their financial matters. Petitions for guardianship are often brought at the same time as petitions for conservatorship.


conservatorship is a legal right given to a person to be responsible for the assets and finances of a person deemed fully or partially incapable of providing these necessities for him or herself.  A conservatorship is intended to protect the finances of the incapacitated party and to see that their assets are allocated appropriately.  If an individual became unable to rationally make sound financial decisions, they could suffer legal and monetary disaster.

Who needs Probate Services?

Unfortunately, there are too many people that fail to plan for their deaths. You may think that you are too young, too healthy or do not have enough personal assets to bother listing.  Probate services can ensure your wishes for who should receive which assets, who will care for you if your physical or mental health suddenly declines or who will raise and care for your children if your life is lost. Do not wait to handle these important decisions. Contact us today for a probate services consultation.